Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Interconnector: information meetings

SSE are holding two information meetings about the subsea electricity cable they are planning to lay across the Minch, between Gravir and Dundonnell. The meetings will be held at the Resource Centre, Ravenspoint, in Kershader (South Lochs) on Thursday 5th September, and at the North Lochs Community Centre in Leurbost the next day, Friday 6th September.

On both days, the meetings are open to the public from 10am until 7.30pm, with SSE staff on hand to explain what their plans will entail.

Please pass this information to anyone who is interested and in a position to attend.
The interconnector is a high-voltage cable for transmitting electricity to the national grid, which has been generated by renewable energy schemes in Lewis. The main one will be the Eishken windfarm, but other schemes (such as the Pentland Road windfarm, as well as tidal and wave power schemes) will also be able to use this cable. It is essential for the renewable energy sector to take off in this part of the Outer Hebrides.
If the interconnector is built, it will require additional electricity infrastructure in Lewis, such as a spur to the switching station at Arnish [by the Creed Bridge], a sub-station at Gravir and high-voltage power lines across the island.

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Where emptiness once ruled
The towers now stand
where inertia lay
mills now rotate

The hills stand bemused
at the intruders
in their ancient
bogbound realm

A fast roadway is carved
where moorland once lay
in my slow ascent
of Meannan

Two dozen years
they’ll stand there
though turning

The wilderness’s gone
reduced to tussocks
beside the roadway
to the windfarm