Saturday, 5 August 2006

Kinloch Castle - Isle of Rum

<![CDATA[ As there is currently no resident blogger from Rum on Island Blogging, I would like to take it upon myself to report on the visit to Kinloch Castle by the Duke and Duchess of Rothesay on June 1st.

The Duke and Duchess with officials at the Castle Main Entrance.

Prince Charles took a personal interest in the Castle when it featured on the Restoration programme on BBC TV in 2003. He directed the Phoenix Trust, which he patronises, to draw up plans for the restoration of both the castle and its contents.

The following is taken from the Kinloch Castle Friends Association website, which I recommend for a visit.

The proposals for the castle which are still being developed propose that there will be major restoration, maintenance and repair works carried out. This will include the majority of the contents. The front of house rooms will be converted with minimal alterations to the fabric into a lodge type hotel with 6 or 7 en-suite letting rooms. There will be limited public access to the principal ground floor rooms with tours timed to fit in with visiting ferries and cruise ships, roughly similar to that at present. At the back of house rooms, currently occupied by the hostel, 8 apartments are proposed ranging from 1 - 6 bedrooms. They will be used for short-term holiday lets. Before work can commence, a new hostel and education centre will have to be built. It will be on the site of, and cover the same footplate as the former greenhouses at the north-east corner of the walled garden. Work on the castle will not commence until the new hostel is open. That is likely to take at least 2 years before the new hostel goes through the planning process, and is built. The design of this building has not yet been finalised.

Estimated costs of the works are

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