Thursday, 29 May 2008


Off island, but casting the odd glance at news from the Hebrides.
The fatal accident inquiry into the drowning of an army cadet off South Uist in 2006 is currently underway. Evidence heard there is shocking.

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  1. "That is truely shocking. Either the officer in charge had no training or else he was totally incompetent for the job - or both."

    Barney from Swithiod unbelievable incompetence

    "i don't know about this case but here in france every two or three years trainee soldiers get into problems whilst on traing excersise's and often there are fatalitys and as usual the verdict is "a sad accident" "could have happened to anyone"-great consolation for the families"

    carol from over here

    "Good to see you are keeping in touch, Arnish. All the best."

    Don from Ontario, Canada

    "From the newspaper reports I am reading, and I am only too well aware that the same are selective, it appears that not only the Officer in Charge was poorly trained. It seems from the reports that most of the officers and instructors were also poorly trained or badly briefed. Having said that it would be wise to await the final determination of the enquiry as we may not be seeing the other side of the case; the mundane detail of background does not sell newspapers."

    Hyper-Borean from Been there