Friday, 13 June 2008

Eishken Windfarm

Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, I've got a reasonable idea what has happened to this frightful muddle, in spite of the fact that I am off island. And Arnish Lighthouse being what it always has been (not afraid to offer an opinion), I'm going to sound off, and await the reaction.

The Scottish Government has decided not to call in the planning application for 13 turbines on the Eishken Estate, which lies about half a dozen miles southeast of Balallan. In other words, they don't have any objections to its approval by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.

The matter does get complicated, because this is part of the 53 turbines already pencilled in as the Muaitheabhal project by Beinn Mhor Power. To me, as I have pointed out earlier this year, this is a blatant attempt to sneak in the 53 turbines by the backdoor. The large project has been subject to a public local inquiry (which I unfortunately missed, being off island). But if BMP manage to put up the 53 turbines in batches of 13, none of which are opposed by the Scottish Government and certainly not by the rubber stamps on Sandwick Road, Stornoway (the Comhairle), I would like to think that some legal eagles might want to have a bit of a discussion about it. It is certainly devoid of any natural justice.

The large North Lewis Windfarm was thwarted mainly through people power. There is no people power to oppose Eishken. Total population of that district and environs lies at around 50 (most of these along Loch Seaforth between Ath Linne and Maraig), whose opinions are simply ignored by everybody.

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  1. "Arnish, does it make any difference that the interconnector thingie from the island to the mainland now may not be economic to install, now that the main contender has been turned down ...? Did not Eishken want to use this connector too ...?? where is the eishken electricity going to go ...? I don;t know all the whys and wherefores"

    soaplady from didn't know that ...

    "Soaplady, I believe the interconnector is viable with the Eishken project alone, although I'm not rock-solid on that info. I do not have access to my usual information (being away from Lewis) so any info welcome from readers. "

    Arnish Lighthouse from Off Island

    "I know litle of this wond farm as I' a newbie to the isalnd but I'm just wondering, from what little I do know, as it seems such a huge amount of wind turbines for a small area, why arent they putting them out at sea? ( if they are putting them anywhere that is) Is the project still a possibility? I thought it had simply been thrown out and that was it?"

    Carole from south lochs