Thursday, 21 August 2008


Following the approval of part of the Eishken Windfarm, the focus is now shifting to the interconnector and other infrastructure required to bring the electricity, generated by that windfarm, to the mainland.

The village of Gravir, in South Lochs, has been earmarked by Scottish & Southern Energy as the place where powerlines will leave Lewis and go subsea towards the mainland. This entails the erection of a large electricity substation, pylons and other edifices. The villagers of Gravir have expressed their vehement opposition, but indications are that SSE will press ahead with their plans. These, curiously enough, relate to the Pairc Windfarm which has not been approved (yet).

The owner of the Eishken Estate has offered to take the interconnector into Loch Shell, which has been declined by SSE. Another alternative route, from the Arnish substation just outside Stornoway, has also been discounted, as this makes it necessary to erect a large pylon-line.

I wonder whether the Comhairle, in rubberstamping these schemes, have considered the implications of the infrastructure, associated with windfarms. We have to assume they did.

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