Saturday, 21 March 2009

Choppers grounded

Our Coastguard helicopter G-CGMU on 17 July 2007 outside the Coastguard Station in Stornoway.

The Sikorski S-92, together with its 3 brethren across northern Scotland, sits grounded until replacement gearbox mounting bolts are fitted. A week ago, another S-92 on service off Newfoundland, Canada, crashed into the sea with the loss of 17 lives after one of those bolts failed. New bolts are on their way north, but the choppers will remain grounded until they are fitted, which will be in the early part of next week. Helicopters from RAF Lossiemouth and HMS (corrected as per comment below) Gannet will provide emergency cover.


  1. I've been watching the "Highland Emergency" programmes on TV, and all the helicopters and bases you mention are featured there. The crew are just amazing!

  2. I have to correct you. It is HMS Gannet, as it is part of the Royal Navy Search and Rescue Service.