Friday, 5 March 2010

St Kilda Centre

Spoke to someone from the St Kilda Centre Development Group earlier this week. The website for the centre has gone live, which (as Lewis based blogger) I would like to highlight. The centre is to be constructed on cliffs overlooking Mangurstadh, on the road just north of Islibhig.

It has also come to my attention that the locations that lost out in the bidding process are still not accepting defeat. Whilst recognising that the link with St Kilda is not as strong from Mangurstadh as it was in relation to Leverburgh; and that the view of the archipelago is most prominent from North Uist, I would like to appeal for some common sense in this saga. The Western Isles are an archipelago of only 25,000 people, and continuing the unseemly squabble over the St Kilda Centre will benefit nobody. In fact, it will only serve to put the island group as a whole in a bad light.

Rather than rolling in the streets like fighting tomcats in March, isn't it an idea to work together to make this a success story that all of the islands involved could benefit from? How about a satellite centre in Leverburgh and one at Cleitreabhal (North Uist), referred to from Uig. I'm probably naive...

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  1. I would certainly associate Harris more with St Kilda for this is where most of the actual links with St Kilda were when it was inhabited. After they left in 1930 the old St Kildans would come to Harris and take a boat from Leverburgh to the Island of Shillay (near Toe Head in Harris) and climb to Shillay's summit just to catch a glimpse of their beloved Island Home.
    Brian Wilson's influence in High Places??