Wednesday, 18 August 2010


The Arnish Lighthouse is pleased to note that it has won critical acclaim in the most recent posting on The (Made Up) History of Stornoway journal. In a run-down of SY rhyming slang, the Arnish Light is equated to a Load of Sh*te, so talking Arnish is talking a - you know what I'm saying.

Conversely, saying someone is an Arnish Welder actually means that he is a Church Elder. Well, that would make a bonny one. An Arnish Welder talking Arnish. Right.


  1. Arnish-I am a fan of your blog and delighted to see that it has received critical acclaim. Many's the day it distracted me from work but I was always all the better after reading it.

  2. Let's hope the word 'fank' doesn't slip into island slang!!!
    I'm off on the Tom and Jerry - ferry.
    He's in his Tuimpan Head - bed
    He's Bayhead - dead
    etc etc

  3. Ach well , better than been known as Richard the Third in any case

  4. Oh brilliant! I've also just finished reading Croft's list of some extremely rude nicknames to distinguish one Lewis islander with the same surname from another... Talking arnish sounds polite by comparison!!