Monday, 6 December 2010

NHS Western Isles

It was reported last week that 19 top officials in the Western Isles Health Board earned more than £100,000 per annum. One or more apparently get a salary higher than that of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The top person earns more than their counterpart in NHS Greater Glasgow. Bearing in mind the budget shortfall that NHS WI is trying to reduce, it is quite unbelievable.

I have a suggestion to make. How about the said 19 obese felines decline to accept their salaries for the next 12 months, instead agreeing to allocate those funds to help wiping out the budget deficit.


  1. a rhetorical suggestion, alas ...

  2. Disgraceful.
    With a population of approx. a mere 26,500, that amounts to about £72 per person per annum and for what ?
    Bean counters.
    Sack half of them and, if needed, engage more medical staff.

  3. I second that!!