Monday, 31 January 2011

Coastguard demo

I attended a rally at the Coastguard Station this lunchtime to join a protest against the proposed closure of the station. A short march was held in front of the station, with banners and placards protesting against the closure. A handful of people held speeches, some very powerful, and with the chant "Save Our Station", the rally was closed at 1.30pm. The weather was suitably inclement with strong winds and persistent rain. Our (current) ferry, the MV Clansman saluted the Coastguard station upon entering port by blowing her whistle.

Trades union banners

Save Our Station

The march


  1. Well done, Arnish, for getting out to lend support to a worthy cause.
    are you in any of the photos? :lol:

  2. Good for you, Arnish. I would have joined in myself if I'd been there. Let's hope that it has some effect.

  3. @Thelandlady: How can I be in any pics if I'm the one taking them :lol:

  4. was that all that turned out or were there loads of others not on photo? I'd have joined you,but flying from the med to lewis is a ted expensive: signed the petition though!

  5. BBC Alba puts the number of demonstrators at 60, Taddoe. The weather was extremely unpleasant, with strong winds and persistent rain, putting quite a few off I'd imagine.