Sunday, 24 April 2011


The much vaunted roadworks have finally started, and it’s thrown Stornoway into a right old tizz. Sandwick Road is closed to people wanting to go to Point and the airport. Now I could be rude and say something nasty about the desirability of going to anywhere east of the town, but that isn’t nice. I’ll instead be my usual sarcastical self about the roadworks themselves.

One bright Monday evening saw this sign affixed to a lamppost in Newton, along one of the diversionary routes. Upon going down Newton Street, traffic has to turn left into Island Road to rejoin Sandwick Road a quarter of a mile further north.

Fortunately, they came round two hours later and put up a proper “Turn left” sign.
Another diversion leads up Matheson Road to Goathill Road and down Smith Avenue. Resurfacing work has turned the last road into a bit of a bumpy track, and there have been dire warnings of traffic gridlock. Apart from the lorries squeezing themselves through Newton, I’ve seen little evidence of it.
At the James Street end of Sandwick Road
Along Sandwick Road, near the Council Offices

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