Sunday, 21 August 2011

Isles FM

One of the presenters on our radio station Isles FM passed away last Thursday. Peggy Macneil died of cancer at Bethesda Hospice. Regular listeners are familiar with her Moonlight Shadow programme, as well as her collaboration with Kenny There-you-go and Janet Ramsay. Although I personally do not regularly listen to the station, I was familiar with Peggy and am sad to hear of her passing. I wish her family, friends and colleagues at the station strength in coming to terms with her loss. Peggy’s funeral will take place at 2.30pm on Monday 22 August from Martin’s Memorial Church in Stornoway, to Sandwick Cemetery.

Two years ago, Joyce Murray, another Isles FM presenter, died at home on the West Side of Lewis at the age of 61. Over the nearly seven years that I’ve been in the island, there have been quite a few changes on 103 FM’s team. However, the station continues to go strong and plays a vital part in the community at times of emergency, such as severe weather.

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