Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Eishken Windfarm

A new investor has come aboard for the Eishken Windfarm, meaning that construction can now start in 2013 and electricity production in 2016. I refer to the linked article for further information. Without rehashing my well-known position on the issue of on-shore windfarms, I will only ask one question.

This windfarm is dependent on the interconnector, the subsea electricity cable linking Lewis and Wester Ross, for exporting all that electricity to the mainland. Is there any certainty that the interconnector is going to be built? Because building a huge big windfarm with attendant infrastructure (pylons, cables, substations) - and then suddenly realising there is no way to get the power off to the consumers in the National Grid, sounds to me like monumental folly.
However, I am equally aware that this could also be a method for accellerating the interconnector through the planning process.

Apart from the interconnector, there is also the minor matter of a high-voltage powercable from Wester Ross to Beauly, for that National Grid link-up. Because that link is not built or certain to be built either.

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