Friday, 2 November 2012


On 1 November, SSE published a statement that the interconnector will be rather more expensive (at least £775m) and delayed by at least 12 months. I need not remind regular readers that the interconnector (a high-voltage subsea cable with attendant infrastructure in the Isle of Lewis) is crucial for the many proposed renewable energy projects in the island. Neither need I remind readers of my serious misgivings regards some of aforementioned renewable energy projects.

The local MSP has expressed his concern over this development, stating that the delay is likely to lead to a further spiralling of costs. Furthermore, the delay will also (naturally) delay the renewable energy projects. These are being hailed as essential for the economic development of these islands, something I somehow take the liberty to doubt. I am certainly not going to swallow the possible assertion that all those windfarms would serve to reverse the multi-million pound cuts that have been proposed by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar.
I am the last person to wish to stifle economic development in these islands, something that is badly needed. But windfarms are not the solution; the vast majority of profits do not end up locally, and they do not offer long-term employment.

Rather than having a single focus, perhaps different avenues for long-term employment and investment should be actively explored.

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