Wednesday, 8 May 2013


Once more, our esteemed MSP is busy trying to push Scottish & Southern Energy into committing themselves to building the interconnector. The interconnector is the subsea electricity cable that is supposed to take the electricity, generated by Western Isles renewable energy schemes, to the National Grid. It is pencilled in to run from Gravir (South Lochs) to Dundonnell on Little Loch Broom on the mainland, and on to Beauly. There it will connect with the Beauly to Denny high-voltage powerline into the National Grid.
SSE are reportedly reluctant to invest £700 million in the interconnector, uncertain that this investment will yield a return equal to it or greater. Associated problems are the transmission charges, which tend to increase the further away from the Scottish Central Belt or England you are.

The reason for all this political pressure have become very clear in recent months. This blogger has been disgusted with the appearance of several windfarms around Stornoway. One now defiles the gentle slopes of Meannan, a southern foothill of the Barvas Hills. If the interconnector is never built, this windfarm will remain idle, practically useless. Its output would outstrip local demand and overpower the local grid infrastructure.

It will become a monument to the folly of putting up windturbines before the requisite electricity infrastructure is in place. Should our MSP fail in his bid to get the interconnector built, there will be quite a few people with egg on their faces - himself, the Leader of the Council and many others. The mere fact that the help of senior members of the Scottish Government is being enlisted says enough.

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