Monday, 11 July 2011

Delivery and charges

Two and a half years ago, an e-petition to the Prime Minister was launched to complain about delivery charges to the Highlands and Islands. This was ignored by the then PM, Tony Blair, quoting the introduction of free market competition. I have no confidence that the current government will be any more sympathetic to our plight, but nonetheless I would like to invite anyone who reads this and who is resident in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to write to both their MP and their MSP.

Today, I spent a frustrating couple of hours on the Internet, ordering a pack of 100 index cards, measuring 3″ by 5″. As soon as I had entered my postcode, HS1, the company involved would decline the order, saying they did not deliver to that address. Or would treble the delivery charge.

Although the Arnish Lighthouse stands at the end of a rough track, mail is known to get delivered there. Including items up to 20 kg in weight, and with length and girth adding up to not more than 3 metres (just under 10 feet), this according to the Royal Mail website. This will get you delivery at standardised rates right across the United Kingdom, excluding the Channel Islands.

I am angry at the discrimination against residents of our region, just on account of our geographical location. Any item within the constraints of the Royal Mail rates should compulsorily be delivered at those rates or less, irrespective of location

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