Thursday, 22 February 2007

Missing feline and other local news

Local radio station Isles FM this morning announced that a black-and-white cat had gone missing from Seaview Terrace, in the Newton area of Stornoway. The cat was of fluffy appearance and possibly wearing a red collar.
They also mentioned that a cat had been found in Bells Road (two streets away, AL), black-and-white with a red collar.

If it hasn't already been passed on, can somebody tell those folks in Seaview Terrace that their cat is now with the SSPCA?

The press coverage of last week's council decision to approve the North Lewis windfarm is interesting. The Stornoway Gazette mentions that the public gallery was packed by people from North Lewis, who noisily approved councillors who spoke out against the project. The West Highland Free Press said that the public gallery was packed by anti-windfarm protesters. This paper failed to mention that it was actually residents from the area who were protesting. The Free Press has a motto - The Land, The Culture, The People, and in its 35 year history has built up a great reputation for fighting the small man's fight. Raasay's Dr No in the 70s, Eigg's Keith Schellenberg in the 90s as well as the proposed Lingerabay Quarry in Harris. I am therefore disgusted with the way they stand up for a deeply unpopular project, in the face of public opposition.

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  1. "I'm very surprised that you weren't in the public gallery, AL? Or were you??"

    Gormuil from Lewis
    "public gallery holds a max 40 people seated."

    neil campbell from stornoway
    "...your point being, Neil?"

    Gormuil from Lewis
    "No room for a large lighthouse, obviously."

    Flying Cat from chamber of horrors