Thursday, 1 February 2007


A couple of things caught my eye in recent days.

I am very pleased that they are finally going to upgrade that horrible little road between Habost and Kershader in South Lochs. It's a winding single-track road, not just blind bends but also blind summits. I'm not sure how its new alignment will run (anybody got access to a map of it?), but it'll link the two-carriageway sections coming in from Sildinis to the west and Garyvard to the east.

I can't but smile at the huffing and puffing down at the airport over the statutory teabreaks of the poor airtraffic controllers. So you have to wait for half an hour in your plane because the controller needs to have a break? What do you prefer, collisions in mid-air or being a few minutes late? Seriously though, I'm sure the shift pattern can be adjusted to accommodate scheduled flights to start with, I mean we're not talking Heathrow Airport here.

The RSPB has asserted that the number of jobs that will be generated if the Lewis Windfarm is built is less than suggested by developer LWP. RSPB says 70, LWP makes it 233. The RSPB has now come under fire for speaking with forked tongues, as it is in favour of a large scheme up in Shetland. Slight difference though. The Shetlanders WANT their windfarm, and it's not on environmentally sensitive ground. The Lewis windfarm appears to be NOT wanted by the islanders here.

Anyway, it's February now and I'm very pleased at the longer evenings, or more to the point: afternoons. Had this beautiful sunset a week ago

And when I was down at Goat Island, I found this sorry looking boat at the water's edge.

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