Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Back on post

Returned from a week away to the mainland, which reminded me why I prefer the islands to the city. Whilst in Glasgow, I attended a shinty-match played between teams from Lewis and Glasgow. The islanders lost 6-0, but went down fighting. Pictures of that to follow.

Was fortunate in having mostly decent weather, apart from the Monday, which actually found me in the Isle of Bute - nice place, but a bit of an air "a la recherche des temps perdus" about Rothesay. Place makes an effort nonetheless, which is all that matters. Will also put a few piccies of Bute on here.

The elections to the Scottish Parliament have been done to death in the official media, and that's probably for the best. Saves me from applying my poison quill. We have a new MSP in the Western Isles, Alistair Allan, and I wish him well in his endeavours to improve the lot of these islands.

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  1. "Rothesay sounds very cosmoplitan Arnish. Carol might feel at home there. "

    Annie B from the usual
    "soory annie b, spent two years running 1962-63 in port bannatyne,bof the year later parents hired an old cottage at St Ninians bay where dear father announced he was p*****g off with his dental nurse-kyles of bute are lovely-sailing on the waverly was fun too!"

    carol from not feeling homesick
    "That's enough to make you spit, Carol!"

    Flying Cat from drilling&filling
    "it did f.c,it did!! also i turn into a hysteric wreck if i enter a dental surgery."

    carol from being nobodys child