Tuesday, 29 May 2007

West Side excursion

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity for a drive round the West Side of Lewis. The result was a good collection of pictures, some of which I would like to share.

Old crofthouse at Brue

The Arnol Blackhouse

North Shawbost

Dalbeg and its loch

Beyond Dalbeg's stack

Roineabhal near Balallan as seen from the Pentland Road at 7.30pm

Sunset near Grimshader

Windturbines on the Arnish Moor

The last picture does not convey the sound made by the farthest turbine, which was rotating at the time. I took the sunset picture near Loch Orasay, a mile to the south, and could still hear the hum of the generator. Imagine the sound when all three turbines are working; imagine the sound made by 180 turbines... Who said windturbines were quiet? The visual impact is of course the greatest.

1 comment:

  1. "Thank you for sharing the lovely pics-everything looks so peaceful!!"

    carol from galeforcewindyfrance

    "The old crofthouse at Brue could use the wonderful services of Barebraes and Hulk. However, I don't think they would much care to transplant again (would you now, B & H?)."

    mjc from NM,USA

    "I know you and I will ever agree on wind turbines but I like the last picture. I like wind turbines in smallish groups but do agree that in hundreds they would be intrusive. I am absolutely convinced that wind alog with tide and wave energy have a part to play in possible sustainable future."

    Hyper-Borean from The Island of Aeolus

    "HB:- at last someone who shares my beliefs on energy!!"

    carol from walking on air

    "You have been waiting a long time. "

    Sid from Glasgow

    "Loved your pics...apart from the last one...shades of things to come....I hope not! Keep going South for some spectacular views."

    Joan from Central Asia

    "During the past month, I have stayed at the closest house to the three wind turbines. I am a man with normal hearing. From my bedroom I look out at the turbines. One morning, with the window open I did hear a gentle swishing sound, when all three were operational. That was the one and only time I was aware of any sound. I would not describe it as noise. Since I do not reside on the Island I pass no comment on the existance or non existance of wind turbines but I do like dealing with actual facts"

    Ian Cameron from Stornoway, normally Spain

    "Ian Cameron, My experience of the turbines was from a mile away at Loch Orasaigh, on an evening with gentle breezes. The sound I heard was of the electricity generator as well as that of the turbine itself. If I'm right, the nearest house is a good half mile further away, down at the turn-off for Grimshader village. One other thing: Perhaps you could rephrase the last line of your comment? "

    Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway

    "It seems to me the birds tended to make more noise than the turbines.....dooohhh "

    Sid from Glasgow

    "The house I lived in, is actually on the Lochs Road, up the hill from the turbines. The information I have given is simply my experience over the past month. The described sound is what I heard. From my bedroom, the location of the turbines seem very near . I admit I have not measured the direct distance, Walking along the road to the turbines is certainly less than a half mile. If in my previous letter I gave the impression that I was passing any comment on your experience with the turbines, I apoligise. I am simply giving the facts on my own experience gained over a month. For others to gain the same, possibly a tent and sleeping bag are in order. In closing, located in Spain, I am a avid reader of your blog, I find that I gather much more information about activities that matter on the Island, than I do from other sources. I thank you for the insight you give and for the great photos"

    Ian Cameron from Stornoway

    "The pics are lovely Arnish. The croft house lovely too and at least it has a roof, which our house will only have half of in a few weeks , I wouldn't want to transplant again mjc your right about that"

    Barebraes from Shapinsay

    "I guess some have more acute hearing, or greater/lesser tolerance of noise than others. Some like it hot, others not, but of course what is hot for some is quite mild to others. I like my vindaloo to be a foretaste of things to come (Hell fire?). Give me a good goat vindaloo and some crispy nan and I would not mind eating it all under the shadow of a wind turbine which would otherwise gross me out. Turn, turn, turn!!"

    mjc from NM,USA