Monday, 18 June 2007

Solstice - irrelevant?

This Thursday will see the summer solstice 2007, and I'm quietly relieved that the forecast isn't too good. As per usual, the Callanish Stones will be a focal point for sun worshippers (not for tanning purposes, mind), druids and the like. All of whom I wish a thoroughly enjoyable and spiritually enhancing time, but I really wonder what they are doing at Callanish.

This monument, one of the oldest in the British Isles, appears to have been laid out to capture various LUNAR events. Related to the moon, just to press the point home. A few weeks ago, the moon was very low in the sky, I think only 4° above the horizon at its highest point. This is the juncture where it appears to set behind a hill in Lochs, rise on its other side and finally set behind the Clisham.

Anyway, I don't want to deprive people of a nice time. I'll be out late one of these evenings to capture the 'late light'.

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  1. "over here,in the Brittany area of france,the druids gather too--until some "good dooers" complained to the local authorities! who are the most crazy??ignorant???"

    carol from aquarious
    "I like a man in a robe. It leaves so much to the imagination..."

    Flying Cat from old habits