Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Illegal dam and former health board chairman

Cliasmol School in Harris, which stands in splendid isolation along the Huisinis road, has been without water because its watersupply has been usurped by the home of the previous chairman of the Western Isles Health Board. He built a dam, without permission, to divert water from a stream to his home rather than to the school. Bowsers are now supplying the school with water for taps and toilets, and the Council has written to the ex-chairman to remove the dam.

No further comment necessary, I think.

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  1. "Nobody else is going to stick their head above the parapet so I will. Without predjudice to the ongoing case, how like a certain proportion of those and such who feel that they are better than the rest of us."

    Hyper-Borean from the high ground
    "I'm sorry that Scotlands wonderful islands have to put up with the lowlifes excrement like the chaiman "

    frodo the scot from utica michigan