Wednesday, 8 August 2007


Just wanted to share a couple of shots from the Lewis Carnival last Saturday. Not as many as I should have taken - but trying to take pictures on South Beach Street was well-nigh impossible. Nonetheless, I have focused on the float which lampooned the airtraffic controller fiasco, reported on on this blog as well.

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  1. "I must say I rather enjoyed event. The airport float was an excellent self-depreciative thing! Not exactly Bridgwater Carnival but well worth the effort of going to see it. Is it true that the two pipe bands are at each others throats?"

    Alpinia from Lewis
    "nice on al!"

    tws's weather girl from in the shade
    "I can't help feeling that the words 'Lewis' and 'Carnival' in close proximity is an oxymoron."

    Flying Cat from carnivale calvinismo