Thursday, 2 August 2007

Sunday sailings

The Hebridean Celtic Festival was expected to have been the stage for a trial run for Sunday sailings on the route between Stornoway and Ullapool, but Calmac said they weren't asked properly. Did someone forget the magic word? PLEASE.

I have posted about this before, and in my opinion we could do with Sunday sailings (even one return crossing) during the summer season. Planes have been flying in and out of the airport for a number of years, the Sunday ferry to Berneray has crossed the Sound of Harris for 16 months now and other islands in Na h-Eileanan Siar are served by CalMac on Sunday. Legally, therefore, opponents to Sunday sailings haven't got a leg to stand on.

I do appreciate, in two senses of that word, the special nature of Sunday on Lewis. It is good to have at least one day when the cars aren't flying round your ears, and you're not compelled to file through the aisles in a supermarket in a forlorn quest for consumer valhalla. I'd like it to stay that way. It is ominous though that the one shop in Stornoway that does open on Sundays is doing a roaring trade.

I hope someone in the Comhairle manages to use the words: "Can we have a ferry sailing on Sunday PLEASE" in correspondence with Calmac one of these days, if only to anticipate the 2008 summer season.

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  1. "I am not sure how all the incomers to the Celtic Folkfest seem to have become the focus group for Sunday sailings into Lewis. I cannot imagine many of the potential objectors were 'moshing' at the concerts. This seems to have been a back door attempt by one section of the population to impose change on another by stealth. "

    calumannabel from ness
    "There are no arguments against Sunday ferry sailings,CalMac can and will provide the service,people want it,the Islands will benefit, get on with it. Arnish , if you don't want to go to a supermarket on a sunday you don't have to you know."

    swampy from Derbyshire
    "Hear hear!"

    Flying Cat from co-operatively yours
    "Swampy, Was merely listing arguments for and against. I am slanted in favour, but respect those that are not. "

    Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway
    "Sunday service is fine, swampy. Christians of all stripes as well as non believers go to Sunday services, whether provided by Calmac or Hellfire and Brimstone pulpit bangers. "

    mjc from NM,USA
    "sunday sailings and sunday shops opening are only of benefit to those who live in Stornoway or own a car, so if these things happen then other public transport must be provided or many people will be discriminated against, due to a lack of early morning public transport many people cannot get into Stornoway for the first ferry sailing of the day, what is the point of another ferry service only 'some' people have the option of using? "

    island threads from by the Butt of lewis
    "Interesting point, IT. Would not the ferry service providers have an interest in pushing for such public transportation connection? The more passengers, the merrier - I should think."

    mjc from NM,USA
    "no mjc, they don't make much money from foot passengers it's the cars, lorries etc. that earn the money, "

    island threads from lewis