Friday, 23 November 2007

Last visit

This is MV Explorer, reported to be going down off the South Shetland Islands near Antarctica. She hit a chunk of ice, which ripped a hole in her hull, several inches wide. The ship is listing at 25 degrees and expected to sink.

Its 100 passengers and all but two of its 54 crew are in liferafts. Another ship is on its way to pick them up.

The connection to Lewis? Explorer visited Stornoway at least twice in the past two years, latterly on May 12 this year, when above picture was taken. On her last visit.

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  1. "Thanks for the news Arnish. As a part-time resident of Lewis and sometime staff on the Explorer, I was surprised by your post this morning, as no news service here had reported the incident. It was/is a wonderful ship, launched in 1969 as the first purpose-built "adventure cruise" vessel capable of sailing from the Antarctic to the headwaters of the Amazon. Cruises were like home-made adventures with little of the luxury of real cruiseships, Everyone is safe aboard a Norwegian vessel, but despite rumours that Explorer has sunk the captain and the (Glaswegian) chief seem to be still aboard and may keep her afloat. "

    Bob from Canada

    "It has now sunk, but everyone is ok"

    Bob from A couple of hours later

    "listened to this in the morning, but mis-heard - i heard 'Shetland Isles' and 'all passengers in life rafts' and 'arctic' - but did not hear 'South Shetland', 'Antarctic', which would have prevented a bit of a panic attack! What a terrible thing to happen. Was it an iceberg? or was it something else?"

    scallowawife from by the radio

    "saw the news early sat morning--sorry arnish shes down!!! no casualties-thank god!"

    carol from over here

    "Hi Bob, the captain, the chief and the chef all decided to desert the sinking boat. Thank heavens they were all safe, as were those from the oil rig nw of Shetland that suffered a fire. Brrrr. Cold out there ..."

    mjc from NM,USA