Thursday, 3 January 2008

Happy New Year

Best wishes for 2008 from Stornoway, on a beautifully sunny but cold Thursday morning. The cans and bottles of Christmas and New Year were taken away in the recycling lorry yesterday morning, and the last vestiges of the festive season will be taken down on the Epiphany, on Sunday (January 6).

Wonder what 2008 will bring to the Heather Isle. A decision on the North Lewis and Eishken and Pairc windfarms? Fat chance. Although a decision is being sought urgently off the administration in Holyrood, they are juggling this hot potato. They are also juggling the hot potato called the Mallaig to Lochboisdale ferry service, after conveniently forgetting that a cheap option was available. Better not say why that was, might get me in * hot * water. Arnish Lighthouse in hot water? Never...

The Arnish Fabrication Yard appears to be in slightly calmer waters with a big order from Turkey. Pity it has to be rushed through in 12 months, rather than 18 months. I'll watch out for a throng of diaspora on board the MV Isle of Lewis and coming five abreast down the Arnish Road to work on the turbines.

Talking of our good old ferry boat, will we see it running on Sunday? I'd almost say, yes, but again, it's a hot potato, so more juggling for the Holyrood administration.

Happy New Year!

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  1. "Happy New Year to you Arnish Lighthouse."

    Squidgy the Otter from Coll

    "Very nice arrangement, Arnish. All the best to you for the New Year."

    mjc from NM,USA

    "Happy New Year to you. I am one of the many people who read Island Blogging but never write. I love your posts and always look forward to the next one."

    Kathy from USA

    "Seeing that the first comment posting never showed up, I shall repeat myself: very nice table display, Arnish. Cheers."

    mjc from NM,USA

    "Congratulations mjc, I tried that one will just try adding it again and see what if anything transpires...lovely table setting Mr Lighthouse!"

    Flying Cat from an admiring glance

    "Happy New Year Arnish"

    Fred Blogs from Point