Saturday, 12 January 2008

Visit to Callanish with a difference

As part of my activities related to local history (World Wars I and II), I am currently visiting some of the War Memorials across Lewis. Went to Callanish on Friday to photograph the new memorial, which was erected in the carpark of the Free Church in 2005/6. It lists casualties from Breasclete, Callanish and Garynahine, all communities along the shores of East Loch Roag.

The line at the top of the memorial reads "Gus am Bris an Latha" [Until the Breaking of the Day], which is a common expression on gravestones in the island. For reference, it points to the religious belief that the Dead will rise on the Youngest Day, the Day of Judgment. The line below is quoted from a poem, commonly recited around Remembrance Day in November: At the going down of the sun and in the morning - we will remember them.

I have a special request - if anyone in the Uists has a photo on-line of the memorial at Clachan ath Luib in North Uist, I would greatly appreciate the leaving of a link. This is solely for use on an internet bulletin board related to War Memorials in Scotland, and will be posted with proper attribution.

As the photo shows, I attended the memorial at dusk, and having taken the pictures I needed, I walked the one mile to the Callanish Stones. Light failed as I covered the distance, leading to some special imagery.

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