Sunday, 3 February 2008


Friday's and Saturday's snow was gone by about 8pm on Saturday, and we're back to wind and rain. Here is a memory of the beauty of snow, as captured on Saturday on a walk around Stornoway Harbour.

Woodlands Centre
View over Cuddy Point
Tree in the Castle Grounds
At Cuddy Point
Cromwell Street

1 comment:

  1. "If it's a robin photograph competition, then you and Wild Freckle are almost neck and neck... Was Cuddy Point where Cromwell famously said 'A horse a horse my Kingdom Hall for a horse"?"

    Flying Cat from no witness

    "Great photos, AL. I've been to Stornoway but it didn't look like that in July! I especially like the lifeboat one."

    Jill from EK

    "FC, surely t'was Richard II in Shakespeares play of same? T'was not Tws, of that I'm sure."

    Barney from Swithiod remembering Willy Nilly

    "Richard III, actually. T'was certainly not Tws - 'A scooter, a scooter...' perhaps!"

    Jill from EK

    "Sorry, FC, misread you again. Now I wonder why that should be?"

    Barney from Swithiod stumped

    "You're not the only one Barney..."

    Flying Cat from out for a duck