Monday, 18 February 2008

Windfarm application

Hebrides News tells us that Lewis Windpower, who want to build the North Lewis Windfarm, have been granted a few days' grace to further argue their case. Planners apparently will take a decision within 4 weeks. Don't think it's going to take 4 weeks to decide on the current staggered approach, which to me reeks of staggering desperation.

I do hope the Scottish Government hold their nerve and stick to their guns.

If their position remains the same and the application is turned down, I'd be interested to hear of the political repercussions. These should come in the shape of thinking caps being donned at Sandwick Road [Council Offices] to churn out alternatives to salvage the Western Isles' economy. Some ideas I just come up with on a Monday evening before supper.

1) whisky distilleries
2) investment in tourist amenities
3) support to help the Harris Tweed Industry back on its feet
3a) take the Harris Tweed industry into public ownership
4) call centres
5) tidal and wave power generators for local supply
6) take the Arnish Fabrication Yard in public ownership

With the amount of money already sunk into the Yard, it practically is in public ownership. And taking the Harris Tweed industry in hand gives the opportunity to supply the man from Keighley with the tweed he needs for his 5-patterned jackets at a competitive price.

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