Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Your blogger has returned to station after an uneventful and positively boring journey by plane. Heavy snow showers were forecast for the London airports, and even worse for Edinburgh. Didn't see a single flake of falling snow until the good ole serviceplane inched its way down to Stornoway in the middle of a snow shower last night.

Driving from the airport into town showed a strange demarcation. Apart from icy pavements, nothing appeared to be amiss at Branahuie, but snow appeared in the road verges at Sandwick, and snow encroached onto the roadways in Stornoway proper. The Tesco carpark showed this pathetic and unused pile of grit sitting demurely by the main doors, whilst the carpark and its walkways were a veritable icerink. Well done, Tesco. And they have run out of salt. I'm not looking forward to an egg without salt, thank you.


  1. asda has run out too, and I'm not looking forward to saltless porridge....

  2. welcome home Arnish ... :-)
    I haven't seen Stornoway since the snow started really, due to road unavailability last Saturday, but whilst tip-toe-driving in Callanish (more milk and dogfood) have just scratched something (hopefully not critical) underneath the car due to driving in 'tramlines' 5" deep, with a solid bank of snow in the middle ...!
    Beautiful crisp sunny day today ...!

  3. To drive at the moment is to cling on to the steering wheel for grim death and clench one's teeth and other parts. White van men are being particularly generous to petrified blones who haven't got motors capable of getting out of snow bound passing places. Would concur with Soaplady concerning the ice hills in the middle of the road. How has the snow plough managed to miss them. Most people I have encountered on the roads today have a look of sheer horror on their faces. I am hoping this is because of the road conditions and not my terrible hairstyle. As an aside can anyone recommend someone who can actually cut hair on the island and not leave you looking like Ken Dodd?

  4. Lady GarGar, I know a few places in SY for haircuts, for ladies even. Drop me a line if desperate. I've got a sack of sand out the back, but it's frozen solid as well.

  5. Gravir Grumpy making way back also......had all flights from Mainland (Bristol/Somerset..SW) cancelled on Wed 6th/nothing available Thu 7th but all re-scheduled for Fri 8th.
    Have missed important (to me) meeting and also aware of feeling of detachment (wherever one is isolated/inconvenienced one becomes engaged at VERY local level) car may well be frozen up and I know local area a bit tricky...but i need to see/feel all is ok on home front.....weird but true!! RJG