Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Switched off

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Achmore and Eitsal"]Achmore and Eitsal[/caption]

Fifty minutes ago, just after midnight, the signals for the remaining analogue channels from the Eitsal transmitter at Achmore were switched off. Their frequencies will now be allocated to more digital channels for the benefit for Freeview users across Lewis and parts of mainland Scotland. It brings to an end 38 years of analogue broadcasting from Eitsal, which had brought colour television to Lewis in 1972.

From 1959 until 1972, a mast above the Marybank Quarry, just west of Stornoway, had received the signal from a mainland transmitter. This was then piped across town, courtesy Messrs Donnie Maciver and Fred Dart. Their shop in Francis Street closed down in 2007. Although TV and radio signals continue to emanate from Eitsal, I feel that an era has come to an end in the island.


  1. It is called progress,Arnish. I don't have television but all my friends do and are now receiving by digital and they all say "why didn't we have this before" I think people on Lewis etc are very lucky to be able to switch over as over here in the cevennes people can't get hitched to the digital system.

  2. and I am a very happy lady because of this ..
    after re-tuning my telly for the n'th time this year, I find something has changed, and I can now receive *all* digital channels on my telly, after languishing for at least a year without ITV3 (which is one of my favourites), and some other channels too ...
    and only with a little ricketty set-top aerial too ... :- )
    and I'm using a freeview device which measures only 4 inches by three inches and just plugs into scart ...
    the first time I've been pleased about new technology ... :- )

  3. Oh don't get me wrong - I'm only relaying history. Not bemoaning the advent of new technology.