Thursday, 17 March 2011

Harris Tweed

I am very late in flagging up the fashion show in Harris Tweed that took place in An Lanntair last Saturday. The occasion was the 100th anniversary of the Orb trademark. Those who have read my postings over the past five years will be familiar with my stance on the matter, but I have given myself time to come up with an approach that is looking more to the future rather than the past. Else you’d be going forward in reverse.

It is good to see that there are still people about who are willing to give Harris Tweed a place in world of fashion and beyond. It is certainly laudible that the range of garments is being expanded beyond the old jacket ranges. I sincerely hope that this brings a demand for the Clo Mor, a demand that will be met by supply.

Harris Tweed is not just about the product, it is also about the production. It can only be called Harris Tweed if it was hand-woven in the Outer Hebrides, and verified under the Orb trademark. There is a movement afoot to train new weavers, after many of the old weavers ceased operations. I hope that Harris Tweed can regain the place it so nearly lost after the disastrous mismanagement of the recent past.

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