Monday, 14 March 2011

Pairc buy-out

The community buy-out of the Pairc Estate has been in progress, if that’s the correct expression, since 2004. Although the people of Pairc have voted in favour of the community buy-out twice, the estate owner has gone out of his way to frustrate, thwart and delay at every twist and turn.

The Scottish Government has been in a position to make a decision on the buy-out since October 29th, 2010, and has repeatedly made noises that an announcement was imminent ever since. Today’s article in Hebrides News that we can expect a move from the Scottish Government merely elicits the following reaction from this blogger: seeing is believing.
The one complicating factor is a proposed windfarm on the Pairc Estate, which, if approved, would send the price of the land beyond the reach of the Pairc Trust.

This is an unholy saga which shows the Scottish Government in a most unfavourable light, with regards the community land ownership issue. Apart from procrastinating over major decision in the renewables and land ownership issues, possibly trying to reach the decision that curries most favour, the Scottish Government is also singularly passive with regards the actions of the Pairc landlord. He has been employing all possible means to frustrate the buy-out process - including fomenting trouble in the community of Pairc. I have seen (written) evidence of that with my own eyes, so am not reluctant to make that statement.
Before we descend into the political caterwauling ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections on May 5th, I hope the Scottish Government will keep its promise and make a decision on Pairc.

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