Friday, 30 December 2011

Eishken Windfarm expanded

An additional 6 turbines have been approved for the windfarm for the Eishken Estate. It would appear that construction could start next year (2012 at time of writing), to coincide with the construction of the interconnector.

I have been out of the loop a bit in the past few weeks as I am blogging off island. However, I was not aware that the interconnector had been approved. The same applies to the Beauly to Dundonnell powerlink. I think Mr Oppenheimer is jumping the gun a bit when he makes such a sweeping announcement.

When I first came to Lewis, in November 2004, I spent some months in the wilds of South Lochs for some peace and quiet. Wondering the moors with nothing to bother the eyes but the low hillocks and tranquil lochans between Habost and Gravir.
If that infernal windfarm, together with the one in Pairc, gets built, there will be nothing wilderness about the southeast of Lewis. It will be a money-spinning factory for Oppenheimer, who so very generously has left us with some beads and mirrors, in the shape of the 6 turbines and their output + revenue.

With thanks to commenter Lady Gargar for drawing my attention to this.

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