Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Beast of burden

A few months ago, the Citylink bus company ceased to provide a useful service for passengers, going on the Ullapool to Stornoway (and vice versa) ferry. At Inverness, you could pop your bags on a van, which would take your luggage onto the ferry, and once at Stornoway, the bags would be put into the ferry terminal and off you went. Same happened in Stornoway, you’d leave your bags at the Citylink desk and you’d be reunited with your luggage in Inverness.

Nowadays, everybody has to tote their bags on board. Officially, Calmac allows you 40 kg of luggage, although under Health & Safety regs, you can’t carry more than 25 kg in the one go in a place of work. People that have a lot of luggage sometimes take one lot on board, then pop back to collect the rest. And that has now been banned by Calmac.
I have two solutions in mind. Why doesn’t Calmac and Citylink talk to each other and hire a man with a van to take the bags to and fro, as before? OK, I hear what you say, integrated public transport, what’s that?? Second option, Calmac to invest in luggage trolleys which it will haul on and off board at either end. This image from one of the islands off mainland Europe.
Luggage trolleys
Luggage trolleys

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