Sunday, 5 March 2006

Hebridean Celtic Festival

<![CDATA[ The marquee at last year's festivalReceived an update by email from the guys at the Heb Celt Fest last week, giving me the line-up at this year's festival. I'm seriously questioning my credentials after recognising only a few names on the list. Oh dear. Last year's festival was a great occasion, with 16,000 people in Stornoway (trebling the town's population in the process). There were dire warnings of people having to sleep in sheds on account of the lack of accommodation, but it would appear that everybody had a roof over their head at the time. I went to see Runrig (big name), and had a whale of a time, no voice left at the end of proceedings. Peat Bog Faeries was quite appropriate, in an island not un-endowed with peatbogs. Why they included a brass-section with their act is beyond me. Anyway, ceilidhs followed the various performances, Van the Man did not have any tantrums, and we all went to bed at 4.30 a.m.. Roll on the next occasion in July. Even if I only know the Blazing Fiddles.

Have a look on the Festival website. The Festival takes place from July 12th to 15th in Stornoway. Ticket sales don't start until May 1st, but I'd suggest booking accommodation NOW. Please don't forget that there is plenty of accommodation outside Stornoway, and you can reach the town on public transport before the concerts start. How you get back requires a bit of organisation, as bus services are sketchy after 6pm. ]]>

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