Wednesday, 22 March 2006

Wintery blast

<![CDATA[ The weather today is very unpleasant, cold and snowy. Last night, a thin cover of snow fell, which stayed on the ground until daybreak.

It was very cold overnight, -4C / 25F. The snow melted during the morning, but at lunchtime a new fall started gradually. Visibility is severely restricted (only about 200 yards just after 3pm) and the snow drifts in the wind, plastering everything it encounters. Cars, pavements, bins, you name it. There is talk of a blizzard, but the force 4 wind at the moment does not constitute a gale. It may yet increase. Temperature is zero celsius, 32F, which feels very cold in the wind. Not nice at all. A severe weather warning is out, and a rumour is doing the rounds that the schools could be closed early. It's just after 3 now, and have not heard anything yet.
Heavy snowfall this afternoon ]]>

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