Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Calling the Western Isles

<![CDATA[ Calling all island bloggers in the Western Isles - I'm very flattered that you're prepared to let me carry the can for the area. Nonetheless, I'm sure that other people have things to report, stories to tell that don't reach my ears and eyes.

Calumannabel, isn't there going to be a Half Marathon in Lewis this month? The object is that runners are sent on a course which leads from Tolsta (on the eastcoast) to Borve (on the West Side) across the moors. The object is not to come first, but for at least half the competitors of each team to finish the race. It is anticipated that a number of athletes will not finish the race as they are likely to get lost, get stuck in a bog or possibly lured away by the will o' the wisps that haunt the moors west of Muirneag. Your average Lewis bog


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