Wednesday, 17 May 2006


<![CDATA[ Fox (image courtesy have previously blogged about non-native animal species which have come to the Western Isles and have proved a nuisance. Two examples were hedgehogs, currently subject to a cull in the Uists, and mink.

Late today, SNH (Scottish Natural Heritage) issued an appeal for anyone sighting a fox in the islands of Lewis and Harris to contact them immediately. Area Manager (Western Isles) David MacLennan said on BBC Online that it is a mystery how the animals got to the Western Isles in the first place. Does anywhere dare owning up to bringing Reynard into Lewis?

Local info has it that a fox is lurking on the Gress side of Back, but this information is 5 months old.

The SNH Office in the Western Isles is located at 32 Francis Street, Stornoway, telephone 01851-705258. Please be as specific as possible in terms of location where and when the fox was sighted. ]]>

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