Thursday, 18 May 2006


<![CDATA[ Muirneag in rough seas (courtesy, Chris Murray)This afternoon, I went into the shops to purchase the Stornoway Gazette. Unfortunately, it was not yet available. All copies of our regional broadsheet were still on board MV Muirneag, bobbing out on the Minch, in the general vicinity of Benbecula. The problem is that the Gazette is printed on the mainland; in days of yore, it was printed in house, in Stornoway.

Now, I know that the weather today is rough and it's a southerly gale. But 60 miles off course AGAIN? At least she is in sheltered waters, and I'm keeping fingers crossed for her safe return.

UPDATE: It's just after 4pm, and Muirneag has just appeared outside the harbour. Phew, sigh of relief. ]]>

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