Wednesday, 26 July 2006


<![CDATA[ Part of the problem with NHS Western Isles is the alleged culture of bullying. I am not going to pepper the rest of my post with the word "alleged".

It is therefore important to highlight the report on bullying within the nursing profession that is featured on BBC Scotland today, see this article. First of all, those within NHS WI who feel that they are subjected to bullying can rest assured that they are not the only ones. I would invite people to leave comments on the webpage, as depersonalised as possible if they so wish.

Second, as in any workplace, bullying affects quality of work. Within the health service this can obviously have the direst of consequences and could in the worst possible instance cost lives. It is therefore important to expose this problem and root it out.

As for the specifics of the bullying problem within NHS Western Isles, I would like to refer to the various posts I have dedicated to the subject. ]]>

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