Thursday, 6 July 2006

Machair in bloom

<![CDATA[ It's July and the machair blooms again. I blogged about this in the early days of Island Blogging, showing two pictures taken in late July 2005. Went to Ness this morning and found flowers stretching as far as the eye could see on the Eoropie machair.

The machair is a unique habitat found in the Western Isles. It is created by sand, which includes ground-up shells, blown onto peatland. The calciumcarbonate in the shells neutralises the acid in the peaty soil, leaving a very fertile environment. At Eoropie, a small river courses through this environment, and it boosts the flowers.

One other comment I need to make (I cannot leave comments on the Island Blogging blogs, yon error message keeps coming up - Graham, any further news?) is that I'm a bit disappointed at the state in which the Dell Fank has been left following the Dating Extravaganza. Just LOOK at it

Dell Fank ]]>

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