Sunday, 30 July 2006

Saturday 29 July

<![CDATA[ Busy day today. The schooner Thor Heyerdahl, a German registered three-masted sailing ship, departed Stornoway just before midday on the high tide. She made a magnificent sight sailing down the harbour, before turning east.

Within half an hour, the cruiseliner Hebridean Princess came into port, carrying the Royal Family. A large crowd gathered at the ferry terminal, where the Hebridean Princess docked, to wave and cheer at Her Majesty the Queen. Unfortunately, I was not there for the disembarkation, as I had an agricultural show to go to.


The Point Show took place at Aird School, near the northeastern tip of the Eye Peninsula (An Rudha). It was an extensive affair, taking full advantage of the primary school building. Displays and entries of bakery, crafts, photography, produce as well as cattle and sheep could be admired. A barbeque churned out endless supplies of burgers, a fancy-dress competition took place, and it wasn't until 4 o'clock that the rain started. By which time the show had already started to wind down. Although there was a free bus, my timings fell outside its timetable, but I'm not complaining about

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