Wednesday, 3 January 2007


If the Lewis Windfarms ever become a reality, it won't really start until 2014.
The problems lies in transporting the electricity generated in North Lewis and Eishken to the mainland and the Central Belt of Scotland.

There were two options: a subsea cable to the powerstation at Hunterston in Ayrshire; cost about 1 billion pounds. This has been ruled out by the developers of the windfarm (LWP) as not being cost effective. Remains the interconnector (subsea cable to Ullapool) and the overhead transmission line to Beauly, west of Inverness and Denny, near Stirling.

The Beauly to Denny high voltage power cable is already in existence, but in order for it to carry the amount of electricity generated in the Highlands and Islands, it needs larger pylons (twice the current size). Same big pylons also need to go up along the 50 miles between Ullapool and Beauly.

A public inquiry is due to start in the autumn into the transmission line down to Denny, which will take until 2011. A public inquiry into the Lewis Windfarm is also due. The subsea cable then has to be constructed. It was announced on BBC Scotland, Highlands and Islands News this morning that as a result of the delays incurred in the public inquiries, the Lewis Windfarms would not be operational until 2014.

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  1. "Who needs these windfarms other than the people who are going to make a lot of money out of them.If a major detergent manufacturer reckons they can save enough electricity for a 1000 villages by getting you to do your washing at 30c instead of 40c,and other energy reducing measures are embraced,for example turn off your microwave when not needed (it only takes seconds to reset the clock if you need it)turn off the tv, video and digibox at the wall(the digibox retains its settings)use a timer with your dishwasher and stop using the drying cycle , then the Lewis windfarm should be totally unnecessary.However without a national policy aimed at reducing energy consumption we can only expect more of these crackbrained ideas , and more and more areas of natural beauty will be exploited in this way.My only comment about the council is remember BCCI."

    swampy from Derbyshire
    "Splendid news! The more people that can object to this monstrosity the better. Let's hope it never comes about."

    Les Ellingham from Stafford
    "Excellent news. This will, hopefully, give the band of windmill evangelists time to reflect and perhaps read and understand the real science about electricity distribution and supply. However, I will concede one thing about windmills, they are greener than hydro pumped storage schemes which are about as un-green as we can get - a technology that should be abandoned now."

    Tony from Coll
    "Well said swampy from Derbyshire. I keep telling herself about energy saving, but it goes in and out of her brain very fast, however I have got the kids to switch off tv rather than leave it on stand-by mode, it's a start. I'm still working on the kettle thing with them, only put enough water in that you need. It's a long process, but I'm sure that in time everyone will cutback on energy use. We live in hope!"

    thewhitesettler from lewis?
    "It doesn't bother me that the house is bathed in the gentle glow of low energy bulbs. I've got cats' eyes after all. The bipeds tend to trip over things in the gloamin' but it's a small price to pay. Literally........."

    Flying Cat from roamin' in the gloamin'
    "Tony, re the pump storage. You are sure to know the traditionally the main user of pump storage was nuclear generators but I presume these facilities are also needed to stabilise the output from all the wind farms. What can be deduced from our present situation where nuclear generators are closing down yet new pump storage facilities are being built? One has to assume we are going to get new build nuclear power stations or the new pump storage is intended purely for wind farms. The real output from wind farms will look really bad when they include pump storage. Our electricity bills will show just how bad. "

    Tina from Argyll
    "The biggest waste of electricity is street lighting, road lighting, motorway lighting, car park lighting, security, safety and general outdoor lighting; which most people think is essential. Let the lights go out they are not needed!! Leave the country side unlit and free from thousands of industrial turbine towers!"

    Twiggs from Kinlochbervie
    "Seems that you people think power is just going to appear from nowhere. I'd like to see just exactly how well you will do without power in your "beautiful" communities. Without these windmills we are in deep doo doo. "

    Dan Browne from Northwest