Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Fireworks display

The New Year Fireworks Display took place on Saturday, December 30th. A video compilation can be viewed here

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  1. "Arnish - what is the soundtrack on the Stornoway Fireworks video? Sounds good."

    Norseman from Central Scotland
    "I hope it was well before midnight otherwise you'll all be turned to stone!!! Happy New Year Arnish"

    calumannabel from Dingly Dell Ness
    "Happy New Year to you too! Hope you had a good one!"

    Na Hearadh from Harris
    "Bliadhna Mhath Ur from Anney the Laird Isle of Coll"

    Anney the Laird from Anney's Croft
    "sauntering home after a couple of wee sensations, i heard an almighty bang, chee whiss cove what the heck was that ? when i looked up i saw the sky lit up with fireworks. now with the head a wee bit skee wiff i'm confused . what day is it ? fireworks for new year and it's only saturday. never mind i'll chust carry on with the party. happy new york."

    confused from new year or new york ?