Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Windfarms - information

This week, the developers of the proposed North Lewis windfarm, LWP (Lewis Windpower) are hosting a roadshow in the island. A presentation will be shown in various locations in the communities nearest the turbines. The controversy rages on unabated, with the RSPB, one of the most vociferous opponents of the scheme, stating that the claim of the numbers of jobs which would be generated is inflated. LWP has asserted that more than 200 jobs would result, but the RSPB has said that 70 jobs is a more realistic figure.

Additionally, the death of a raptor in a windturbine near Dounreay has refocused the attention on the adverse effects of a windfarm on birdlife in the island. The environmental impact statement says that 50 eagles are at risk. Mounting concern is expressed about windfarms around the world about the numbers of birds, particularly raptors, which are found killed by the turbines.

It is deplorable that one of the supporters of the windfarms, a Comhairle nan Eilean councillors, is not prepared to conduct an island-wide secret ballot to ascertain the level of support for the Lewis Windfarm. Unofficial ballots have put this as low as 9%.

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  1. "Thought you would like to know that our local council have refused planning permission for a 1.5m diameter wind generator for domestic use on the grounds that the noise would disturb the neighbours."

    swampy from Derbyshire