Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Lunar Standstill

Went to view the Lunar Standstill at Callanish late on Friday evening, only to be met by a cloudy southeastern skyline. It took an hour, after sunset at 10.30, for the moon to appear, by which time it was just above the head of the Cailleach nam Mointeach (the hill of Roineabhal near Balallan). Light was obviously very low at that point, but here is a selection of pictures. There was a pretty large number of people out to watch, even if it was a chilly evening. I'd put the number at around 50.

The Callanish Stones at dusk

Moon shining through the Stones

Moon just past the Sleeping Beauty

The Stones at midnight


  1. "Pretty good pictures, Arnish: congrats. and thanks. I never realized there were so many stones at Callanish. Very nice moon shots as well."

    mjc from NM,USA

    "Did you see the 3 orange lights in the sky later on? Apparently, they were pretty weird. Husband and friends swear they weren't seeing things and had only a couple of drams!"

    Sheeprustler from The Mainland

  2. Fantastic pictures,arnish,thanks for sharing them: hello M.J.C how are you??