Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Service charges

The above picture shows the public toilets in Perceval Square in Stornoway, embellished by the Christmas Decorations last December. In recent times, the square has echoed to the sound of jaws slamming to the floor as those seeking relief from a call of nature read a statutory notice from Comhairle nan Siar. The Town Fathers announced that spending a penny would now cost thirty-five pennies, rather than the twenty it costs at the moment.

Shocked islanders came close to losing control of their bladders and nearly unanimously voted the idea down the pan. Flushed with embarrassment, the Comhairle hurriedly announced that there had been an error and that the price hike was in fact going to be just five pence, not fifteen.

I think it's taking the p to charge people twenty-five p to take a p.

1 comment:

  1. "maybe if everyone started p'ng in the gutter the smell would be so bad that maybe the council would vhange their minds about the increase!"

    carol from feeling flushed

    "maybe they're charging so much so they can pay the electric bill because of all the lights on the trees!(looks nice but what a waste of energy and money,especially when its the taxpayers!"

    carol from taking the p**s

    "well i'd like to know what the extra money is going towards, it can't cost that much more to keep the toilets clean. Are the attendants getting a pay rise??"

    tanith from point

    "If they're the sort of dedicated toilet attendants who provide air freshener, pot plants (plant IN pots...) pretty pictures and other nice decorations, perhaps they deserve a rise."

    Flying Cat from remembering Dunkeld Public Loos

    "nah, just plain old toilets, nice and clean but definately no air fresheners or other luxury's. Mostly they just look bored and read their magazines. Personally i still find it strange having to pay at all. One thing we certainly can't moan about here is the amount of money spent on christmas decoration and lighting. Anyone who comes from a city will know exactly what i'm saying lol"

    tanith from point

    "the last few times I've been in the ladies there myself, there has always been a temporary-sort-of-looking teenaged boy, or denim-jacketed man in there ... I know its 2007 and all, but I always find it slightly ... strange ... :-)"

    soaplady from not complaining, but ...

    "ummm... 2008...?"

    scallowawife from in the calendar

    "Do you tip him, like the incontinent are expected to do on the Continent? "

    Barney from Swithiod gie's a tip

    "holy flying fish, yes it is 2008, isn;t it ... Sorry about that ...!!
    I'll've caught up by December ..."

    soaplady from living in the past

    "Thank goodness scallowawife is keeping up with the times..."

    Flying Cat from shangri-la

    "prefer the independant!"

    carol --- from where its still p*****g down


    Flying Cat from Hark The Herald

    "Ah ... errrrmmm ... yes, I haven;t quite got used to 2008 yet ... sorry about that ...!"

    soaplady from commenting again as last one got lost