Monday, 28 July 2008


On Friday afternoon, I took the bus to Ness (fares had gone up, tut) to photograph more wargraves in the St Peters and Habost cemeteries. The machair was flowering beautifully, but the flies were horrendous. The presence of several dead rabbits in the old (St Peters) cemetery did not help matters. The same cemetery contains the final resting place of 400 old bibles, interred there in 2006 after being found to be too delapidated to be used again.

After locating a total of 16 gravestones, I headed up the machair for Eoropie Beach. It was more like Blackpool than the Hebrides, and those present were having great fun. I then proceeded further north, along the coastline towards the Butt of Lewis lighthouse, before rejoining the bus back to town.

Machair flowers
Bible grave
Ruined chapel in St Peters cemetery
Habost Cemetery
Eoropie Beach
Blackpool or Eoropie?
Cunndal inlet
Coastline west of the Butt of Lewis
Port Stodh
St Moluag's Chapel and Knockaird

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  1. "Some very evocative photos, Arnish. Well done."

    mjc from NM,USA

    "You have been on the island for to long. A dozen people on a beach 800 yards long is empty. You dont know you are born"

    Ged from Manchester

    "Do I really have to add a written sarcasm alert? "

    Arnish Lighthouse from Stornoway

    ""You don't know you are born." That's a good one, eh Arnish? Ged, Arnish could live with a dozen (but not much more) people on that beach. He would not put up however with the shadow of a wind turbine of its sands. Now, give him the faint outline of a lighhouse on the beach, or the shimmering of one on the sea waves and s/he'll be transported."

    mjc from IN, USA

    "No no no Arnish, there's no need at all...for those of us with native wit...I include myself in that happy band, just in case Tws is hovering in the wings..."

    Flying Cat from hovering not hoovering

    "Arnish, would the alert be "orange"? "

    mjc from IN, USA

    "Great photos, Arnish. May I use your blog to alert Island Threads to the fact that I won't be heading out to St. Kilda (this year anyway), so if she is wagging her butt at someone, it isn't me (see comment on Squidy's blog about our visit to Coll)."

    Barney from Swithiod not Southend

    "Oh please, I'm trying to keep a factual blog, not a butt-exchange."

    Arnish Lighthouse from The usual

    "*nuff said!"

    Barney from Swithiod rebutted