Wednesday, 23 July 2008


I don't know if I may mention company names on here, but since yesterday, Stornoway is now officially a Tesco town. The first day was total mayhem, with tout Stornoway in there all at the same time. A return visit today left me faintly disappointed, as I had one heck of a job finding stuff. Although, isn't that always the case in a supermarket? At any rate, it took me about half an hour to travel from the mags to the inks yesterday.

After being away for a few months, I did not find major changes in the town, except for the completion of the paving job in Cromwell Street and adjoining precincts.

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  1. "There is no place to sit and have a rest now, I will just have to strop going to town. The disabled parking is too far from the shops, and now they take away the seats, I'm livid, so I am. Maybe some of these councilors need to try being disabled for a few days, then they will see how poorly Sy is set out, and it is them to blame. Tescos coming to Sy is good, they treat customers with dignity and respect."

    Lonely Boy from Sy

    "We too are a Tesco town - the shelves are closer together, they are very VERY high and no, I can't find anything either. However the staff are extremely friendly and there are some new lines to ponder over. The ethics? Who cares? Tesco is a giant and we will be walked over - politely, but walked over. That's why they are successful. I will continue to shop at our 3 very good local shops in the Scalloway-Trondra-Burra area, but will use Tesco. Its cheaper and convenient.Fair Trade products are still available at the Coop, we can choose how to spend our money."

    scallowawife from tesco town - Lerwick

    "As a 'girly-girl', well used to shopping of all sorts, I can confirm that I thought the layout at Tescos was very muddled ... Things seemed to be all over the place, with not a lot of rhyme or reason ... Perhaps its just the new boss ...! I do approve of the car-park job they've done tho - no more shaking your fizzy drinks on the way back to the car - it was marvellous ...! And I liked the new tills too, tho I didn;t have the chutzpah to use one of them new-fangled 'DIY' scanners ... My bill didn;t seem to be very much less than at the Co-op though - this really disappointed me, as I thought Tescos were supposed to be a bargain supermarket ..."

    soaplady from went there today ...

    "Give them time to get the store together, it was the same here for a time, now Tesco is the best shop in town for parking for disabled and the spaces are watched. Much better than your old Somerfield in any case."

    Dave from IOM

    "Lonely Boy should know that Willie Johns has a seat, and the best meat in town."

    malkie from Glasgow

    "I went to have a look this morning, I didn't know where anything was, but I never do. Just thought I'd contribute Big Al.."

    Tws from The Coop

    "disabled parking in sy is a laugh. more able bodied drivers use relatives badges to park in disabled bays. no body bothers. i have often observed traffic wardens totally ignore these able bodied people.the law states that traffic wardens can ask to see the photo on the badge also to use the badge the disabled person must be in the vehicle."

    The Doctor from isle of lewis